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New articles on misinformation and youth

The internet has rapidly come to dominate news and information distribution in the twenty-first century, reaching every segment of engaged society. Misinformation, disinformation, and similar false and misleading content are increasingly everpresent risks in this environment, whether the topic is healthcare, politics, or any number of other issues.

The study and understanding of how young people interact with, understand, and react to misinformation has never been more relevant. Increasing our understanding in this field can be a key component in how society educates people and mitigates the effects of what may seem like a flooded of unverified and questionable content. Since so much misinformation relates to health and safety, research in this field is also of vital importance to both clinical and public health professionals.

Our detailed research guide on Misinformation and Youth provides a great starting point from which to explore the topic, covering, noted researched, established guidelines, prominent publications, and more.

Our searchable database of citations holds many scholarly articles on media, youth, and health. We’re actively adding new citations related to misinformation, such as the three below: